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Bathrobe - Powder Blue Strips
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The Story of Home by Ilse Jacobsen

Home by Ilse Jacobsen originates from nature and the characteristic atmosphere of the idyllic seaside town of Hornbæk, with its many colours and shapes that change according to season.

Each design has deep roots in the beautiful nature and has a compelling narrative. The narrative takes us back in time and place, reminding us of feelings and memories.

We embrace the nature, sand and seaweed that emerges and use it as a source of inspiration to create our designs. The feeling of snuggling under the duvet in freshly washed bedding that dried out in the sun. The memory of the cleanest of scents and the fresh crispy feeling of sheets. These are the feelings and memories that we at Home by Ilse Jacobsen want to embrace.

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Introducing our luxurious and cozy bathrobe, featuring a thoughtfully designed pocket, foldover sleeve cuffs, and an adjustable belt for a snug and customizable fit. Crafted with care, the exterior boasts a velvety soft cotton, while the interior is lined with plush terry cloth fabric. This combination of comfort and absorbency makes it ideal for leisurely spa days, post-ocean or pool swims, and those chilly, tranquil mornings at home. Experience the epitome of relaxation and style with our bathrobe.